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My Favorite Books of 2015

Notice I didn’t say “The Best Books of 2015.” Because I don’t know what the best books of 2015 are. I’ll leave that to the people who know more than I do. So, pretty much everyone else. But here are the books that I most enjoyed in 2015... read more

How Thread of Hope Hit #1 Four Years Ago

So in 2012, I jumped on the self-publishing train. I published my novel THREAD OF HOPE on New Year’s Eve 2011 and what happened after that was kind of crazy. At the old website, I wrote up exactly what happened and it was by far the most read post I’ve... read more

And I’m New Again!

Thanks for your patience as we cleared out the dust and got this place looking fresh clean again. And many, many thanks to Adam at Frostbite Publishing for the design work and set up. Keep your eyes open in the next few days for new posts and new book announcements.... read more